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Local Firm supply new Formula 4 car to MSV - 9 Apr 2013

MSV and the BRDC have recently launched a new series with an all new single seater car. Specialist car designer and builder Ralph Firman based in engineering units at Snetterton have now built and delivered 24 cars to the teams

Q&A with F4 car designer Ralph Firman

 The 2013 Autosport International Show (10-13 January) saw the brand new MSV F4-013 car officially unveiled for the first time. The 2.0 litre, 185bhp slicks and wings single seater has been built to a single specification by the renowned RFR company, headed by Ralph Firman who founded the legendary Van Diemen operation. caught up with Ralph ahead of the launch to see why he's so proud to put his name to the BRDC Formula 4 Championship…

Ralph, what has it been like to be involved with the new BRDC F4 series?
It's been fantastic. I'm very excited about the car, especially given how quickly they were snapped up by the teams and privateers. It's been a very exciting project to work on and I know the next generation of young drivers are going to benefit greatly from it.

How is the new MSV F4-013 looking and what can you tell us about it ahead of the launch on 10 January?
Everything is ready and we're on schedule as expected. More than 10 chassis are already ready and we're similarly stocked with engines. We're looking forward to unveiling the car at the Show and seeing peoples' reactions. I'm confident it's going to be a nice car to drive and something drivers fresh out of karting will be able to pick up quickly. Obviously we've still got our testing schedule to complete so we'll know more then!

So when can we expect to see the first cars hit the track?
We'll be conducting tests mid January as previously outlined, with the first orders rolling out at the end of that month. It could be that during testing we make a few minor tweaks and improvements to the car but as it stands it's pretty much there.

And finally, what are your thoughts on the BRDC Formula 4 Championship as a whole?
I'm very excited about the series and think it's just what young drivers need. The car is a fantastic piece of kit and very sophisticated, especially for the price, making it great value for money. Jonathan Palmer and Giles Butterfield from MSV are both very passionate about the series, as am I, and I'm very happy to be a part of it.