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Snetterton development shows it's green credentials - 11 Jan 2011

10/01/2011 - The Snetterton redevelopment continues to progress at unabated pace, and new techniques in the construction process have not only resulted in a remarkably fast-moving project, but one that is also environmentally friendly.

All the stone material from the old concrete on the site has been recycled, meaning 8,000 tonnes of material has been reclaimed and used as base stone for the new section of track with a process known as stabilisation, which uses cement mixed with existing soil that turns the ground into concrete again.

This has resulted in significantly less traffic in the local area for transporting supplies to and from the circuit.

As Snetterton circuit manager Jamie Hopper explains, it was always planned for the redevelopment to be an environmentally friendly as possible.

"As part of the planning for this major project, we set out to re-use as much material from our site as we could. This has meant the recycling of over 8,000 tonnes of concrete to be used as the base for the new section of track, and therefore much reduced lorry traffic to and from the site. This also means that the old runways from the airfield are still being used and will remain an important part of Snetterton for the future" Hopper explained.

"We have utilised the latest techniques for ground stabilisation which further reduces the need for the import of materials. To date we have not had to bring in any stone materials at all, which given the scale of the construction is an outstanding achievement" added Hopper.