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Jonathan Palmer and Martin Brundle hail Snetterton redevelopment - 12 Jan 2011

Jonathan Palmer and BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle have hailed the progress of Snetterton's redevelopment work after visiting the circuit in front of a large media presence today (12 January).

Under the direction of Palmer, who was heavily involved in the design process, MotorSport Vision announced an ambitious redevelopment plan in September 2010 which will see the creation of the 2.99 mile Snetterton 300 layout - the longest in the circuit's 60-year history. Two shorter configurations, the 100 and 200, will also be available.

Despite severe adverse weather conditions during the winter, Jonathan Palmer revealed that the construction and resurfacing work was on schedule for completion next month (February) as he and Brundle, who hails from nearby Kings Lynn, gave the assorted media a tour of the new circuit's layout.

Almost the entire configuration has already had its first layer of tarmac laid down upon a stone base, and the two former Grand Prix drivers posed with photographers as they joined construction workers in laying some of the final strips of asphalt.

"The weather has obviously been notoriously difficult this winter, but I think if you go around youll be pretty astonished at just the rate of progress that's been made - I certainly am," Palmer stated.

"We really wanted to create a quality circuit here that would give pride to everybody, as well as making a major difference to the appeal of the track to spectators and competitors alike.

"The whole track is being resurfaced, and I am determined to make sure when people come back they almost won't recognise it - the whole thing will look like a new circuit. It's due to be finished by the end of February and I think we can be pretty confident it will be!"

Palmer also revealed that, following an incredibly successful online campaign which saw fans contribute to the naming of the new corners, Martin Brundle would be honoured when the new circuit was completed.

"Our web campaign incredibly saw more than 2,000 responses, but there were some dominant names that kept recurring and we look forward to finalising the names in the next month.

"I'm absolutely delighted though that the most popular suggestion was for someone who has been a tremendous representative of motorsport in East Anglia: Martin Brundle. Martin and I go back a long way - we started racing in Formula One in the same year and we've been through it thick and thin, so I'm delighted that one of the new corners will be named after him!"

After receiving the honour and viewing the progress of the redevelopment work for himself, Martin Brundle was similarly enthused, saying: "This must be one of the most important times ever for the Snetterton circuit, and I'm delighted to be asked along here today to have a look at the developments.

"Snetterton has played a key role in my life - I first came here in the 1960s watching Jim Clark in his Lotus Cortina, and my single seater racing began here. I even had some legendary fights here with Ayrton Senna in 1983, and it's where my passion for motorsport formed really.

"Every great driver in the last 60 years will have driven here - I speak to drivers from all around the world and they've all got very fond memories of the place. It's so important that Snetterton is being developed and increasing its profile and importance in the world of motorsport.

"I'd like to also say thank you to Jonathan Palmer. We have a great debt to him for developing these circuits, not least here at Snetterton. There's a lot of knowledge, experience and passion that has gone into developing the race track, and Jonathan has put a lot of thought into the process.

"Many of the corners are very clever, and I think that bike and car competitors are going to love it! He's also thought about spectators, and there'll be a couple of banks that I think you'll struggle to get on at BTCC because you can just see so much of the circuit!"