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News Update for July to September - 21 Jun 2012


It was very pleasing to see so many of you at our annual 'Resident's Evening' on Tuesday the 19th. Thank you all so much for coming and for your continued support. The weather looked after us and it was also great to see so many of you taking advantage of the track time available.

Once again, local artist and motorsport historian, Andrew Kitson provided an excellent talk on the heritage of the circuit and had some fascinating old video footage and slides of the racing heroes who have graced the tarmac here at Snetterton.

It was great to see so many children here too, and this had us thinking how we might provide some activity for them next time. Though I am sure they enjoyed the passengering on the track too. In fact we are already thinking about how we can generally 'add' to the next evening. 

Another initiative will be the introduction of our 'Young Drive' at Snetterton. Working with Carkey school of motoring (a local driving school), we will have one of our dual control Mini's available for kid's under 17 to drive on the track. Keep an eye out for further details on this.

An idea of the type of activity can be found here:


The formal review of the plan has been undertaken and some amendments made.

Following a request by the Liaison Group, from the beginning of 2012, MSV will ensure there is a 'quiet day' on the Monday following the British Touring Car and British Superbike events. These are by far our largest events of the year, and it was felt that a quiet day would be appreciated by our local residents.

Again, further to an issue raised by the Group, we have also ensured that the annual Classic Motorcycle Racing Club event has been moved from its usual date to avoid clashing with a particular church service at Wilby. By their nature the Classic bikes tend to be at the higher end of the noise limits allowed and so we have arranged the calendar to co-ordinate with the dates given to us by the local church authorities. This will be an ongoing arrangement.

Further changes include the reduction of the static noise limit allowed for bikes taking part in midweek motorcycle track days from 105 to 102 decibels. The method of testing will remain as that required by the governing body for motorcycle sport, the Auto Cycle Union.

A copy of the agreement will be uploaded onto this website as soon as formal confirmation of the above has been received.


These two events will take place at the beginning of August on the 3rd  - 5th and 10th - 12th respectively. Quiet days for the BTCC will be the 9th and 13th August. As has happened previously, traffic management plans will be in place for the Sunday morning of the BTCC event from 7:30am until midday and again from 4:30 until 7.00pm.

For further details of these events look here:

If you have not claimed your local resident entitlement to complimentary tickets, you should do so as soon as possible to make sure we can sort out the paperwork in good time for these events.


2012 will also see the first racing for the Delphi British Truck Racing Championships on 27th August. This event follows on from the 24hr 2CV event on 25th and 26th August. Quiet days for these events will be the 23rd August and the 28th August. With fun fairs and plenty of on track action this will be the biggest family day out over the Bank Holiday weekend

For further details on the 24hr 2CV look here:

For further details on the Trucks look here:

In 2013 the circuit will celebrate 60 years of motorcycle racing and we are looking for any old pictures. So if you have any pictures or video footage of racing, or indeed, any 'atmosphere' paddock photos etc then we would love to hear from you. Just drop us an e-mail at or just give us a call on 01953 887 303